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When we see the use of rattan, especially in furniture or decoration, we always exclaim that this weave is lovely. Most people don't know the weaving material and method of the product, and we will tell you the difference in the following article.
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Rattan, in the usual sense, can refer to all similar products. However, our wholesale industry can be subdivided into many types. According to the material, it can be divided into natural and imitation, and it can also be divided into Open Weave and Closed Weave according to the weaving method. You can refer to our product-specific query types.

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The weaving of natural rattan started very early, and many subsequent weavings of other materials were imitated. So let’s start with the introduction of natural rattan.

1. Natural Cane Webbing

They are made of rattan shells. The characteristics of rattan shells are rigid and smooth. It is suitable for chair backrests, doors, windows, etc. It has good load-bearing capacity. Good quality products can directly touch the skin and feel very comfortable. It does not stain easily, though, and it is not suitable for wanting a colorful effect. It is ideal for all weaving methods. The properties of natural vine are detailed in our other What is rattan article.

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2. Rattan Core Webbing

Rattan core is more breathable, white in color, and easy to dye, but it has poor toughness, is thicker, and is more rigid.

3. Plastic Cane Webbing

The advantage of this plastic rattan is that the price is the cheapest among all materials, the color is uniform, and the color can be selected arbitrarily. The disadvantage is that it is not environmentally friendly.

4. Paper Cane Webbing

Made of professional woven paper, the price is between natural and PE rattan. Fibers can be added to increase strength.

5. Cotton Cane Webbing

It adopts professional cotton sliver weaving, a relatively small market demand, and has more need in Brazil. It is more environmentally friendly than plastic. The color is primarily white.

The above are classified based on our company’s cane webbing. If you want to know more about rattan weaving, please get in touch with us.

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