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Cotton Rattan Webbing

Cotton rattan webbing is a new material that simulates natural rattan webbing. It has been widely used in the world in recent years. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, durability, and beauty and is an ideal substitute for traditional rattan webbing.


Environmental protection

The primary raw material of cotton rattan webbing is cotton fiber, a natural and environmentally friendly material. It does not produce pollution during production and is close to the environment.


Cotton rattan webbing has good wear and corrosion resistance and can be used long. It also has good elasticity and anti-deformation, which can maintain the stability of the shape.


Cotton rattan webbing has the natural beauty of natural rattan webbing, which can add a natural atmosphere to the home and office environment. It can also be dyed according to different needs to meet the aesthetic needs of other customers.


Our company is a professional cotton rattan webbing manufacturer with years of production experience. We use high-quality cotton fiber raw materials and strictly follow standards to ensure product quality.


Our products are reasonably priced and competitive. We provide customers with a variety of payment methods to facilitate transactions.


Our company provides comprehensive after-sales service to help customers solve problems during use. We also provide personalized customization services to meet the different needs of customers.

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