Plastic cane webbing is a type of faux cane webbing which can replace natural rattan webbing for furniture and chairs. Because of its low price, it is becoming increasingly popular now. We provide a variety of color choices. Welcome to send an inquiry to get the latest price.

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Products Introduction

Our plastic canes are made of high-tech polymer materials, and their service life is generally 3-5 years, and they can be used for more than ten years indoors. Plastic cane webbing is a cheap natural cane webbing alternative with various and uniform colors, comfortable handle, waterproof and sunscreen, corrosion resistance, stable and reliable product quality, and widely used in multiple indoor and outdoor leisure places. Although its price is low, the decorative effect is not bad, which is very suitable for home applications.

These four weave types are divided into open, radio, closed, and mixed weave closed. For more information, please click on the image above to enter the details page.

Purchasing Advice

MOQ is one roll with a length of 15 meters and a width range of 40/45/50/60/70/90/100cm. Because this value is relatively low, we recommend that customers purchase more quantities at one time so that the average shipping cost per roll can be relatively low. Of course, you can also purchase and ship with our other high-value products.

If your purchase is less than one roll, the retail platform Amazon maybe is a good choice, which also has our customers.

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