Octagon Hole Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | YeeyaHomeOctagon Hole Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | YeeyaHome
Octagon Hole Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | YeeyaHomeOctagon Hole Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | YeeyaHomeButton
Octagon Hole Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | YeeyaHomeOctagon Hole Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | YeeyaHome

Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | Rattan Webbing Roll | Hexagon Hole

The open cane webbing roll, hand-woven from natural rattan shell, is beautiful for furniture, chairs, and home decor. Grade A represents high quality and will bring you an extraordinary experience in actual use.

Quality Grade   A Grade
Material   Indonesia Rattan
Length   15 meters long per roll
Width   40/45/50/60/70/90cm wide
Color   Natural
MOQ   1 Roll
Item NO.   PAW1904
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  • Materials and Weaving

    Indonesian rattan, one of the best natural rattan in the world, was the first step in making rattan roll a quality leader. After a series of standard processes, such as processing the original rattan into rattan cane, the next subsequent hexagon hole weaving is more complicated and requires our very experienced workers to hand weave to complete high-quality.

  • Usage

    Rattan chairs and rattan furniture are great places to use Cane Webbing Roll. The length of each roll is 15 meters, and you can arbitrarily cut a variety of optional widths to meet the use size of most scenes. If a specific size is required, we can accept customization.

  • Price

    Compared with other types of rattan webbing, such as square grids or imitation rattan, the price of octagon webbing will be slightly higher. Contact us to get a 2022 quote for all similar products, and we will give a reasonable quotation based on market conditions and order quantity.

  • For customers who purchase less than one roll(15 meters), we suggest you buy it on major retail platforms or locally. This will save you a lot of shipping costs. Of course, you can consult us before purchasing, and we will provide free help.
  • For customers ordering many rolls, we strongly recommend that you first understand the market conditions, then compare and choose the products that suit your project. Since the quality and price of hand-woven rattan products are affected by many aspects, customers will have great trouble choosing. So choosing a professional and reliable supplier like YeeyaHome is particularly important. If you want to understand the market about cane webbing roll quickly, don’t hesitate to contact us to tell us your needs, and we will give you professional advice.
  • For Micro Businesses or Individual

    We are advisors. Using our expertise, we can provide customers with complete solutions, including rattan roll knowledge, features, marketing, logistics, etc.

  • For Small Retailers or Wholesalers

    We can provide comprehensive customization of the cane webbing roll, and we will control the quality throughout the process. Customers can use our high-quality rattan products to improve their brand influence. We also will provide efficient procurement solutions if customers are purchasing across industries and don’t know much about rattan roll.

  • For Medium or Large Companies

    Thanks to our company’s excellent production capacity and quality control, we can supply large companies with stability. Payment methods and logistics can be flexibly chosen. We will do our best to establish and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with our customers.