Raffia is a leaf of a palm tree, mainly grown in tropical regions such as Madagascar, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

We have a wide range of products to choose from depending on the width of the raffia and the method of weaving.

five raffia fabric
raffia fabric
raffia fabric

Features of Raffia Fabric

Raffia fabric has the following features:

  • Natural and environmentally friendly: Raffia is a natural fiber with good environmental performance.
  • Good breathability: Good breathability, making it suitable for use in summer.
  • Soft and comfortable: Soft texture and a comfortable feel.
  • Strong durability: Good durability and can be used for a long time.

Care of Raffia Fabric

Raffia fabric has a certain durability, but it is also important to note the correct care methods:

  • Avoid contact with water: Not water-resistant and should be avoided contact with water.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight: Not sun-resistant and should be avoided exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals: Not chemical-resistant and should be avoided contact with chemicals.


  • It is recommended to soak raffia fabric in warm water before use to make it soft.
  • When washing it, it is recommended to use a mild detergent and hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle.
  • When drying, it is recommended to dry it in the shade or in a well-ventilated area.

Raffia fabric is a natural, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and durable fabric with a variety of uses. If you are looking for a unique and natural fabric, raffia fabric is a good choice.

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