Rattan Webbing

Rattan Webbing

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natural / plastic / paper / cotton material

Natural Rattan Webbing

Natural Rattan Webbing

Natural rattan cane webbing roll is woven from high-quality Indonesian rattan peels or core, which has high toughness and is not easy to break. Various weaving types and sizes are available.

PLASTIC Rattan Webbing

Plastic Rattan Webbing

Plastic cane webbing is a type of faux cane webbing that can replace natural rattan webbing for furniture and chairs. Because of its low price, it is becoming increasingly popular now. We provide a variety of color choices.

plastic rattan webbing roll-Yeeyahome

Paper Rattan Webbing

paper Rattan Webbing

Paper cane webbing is made of special paper, an imitation rattan that can substitute for natural rattan.

paper rattan webbing roll

Cotton Rattan Webbing

Cotton Rattan Webbing

The cotton rattan webbing has a perfect touch, and the primary color is close to white—it pairs well with light-colored furniture. We offer two new designs.

cotton rattan webbing roll

Cane Webbing Materials Introduction

Generally, rattan webbing can be classified into natural cane webbing and imitation rattan webbing. Our natural rattan weaving materials can be divided into rattan peels and rattan cores made of A-grade Indonesian rattan, green, and environmentally friendly. Imitation rattan webbing includes plastic, paper, and cotton webbing, which are cheaper. Our blog’s article is dedicated to the differences between the various rattan materials. Welcome to read. According to different needs, you can choose the appropriate product.

YEEYAHOME Rattan Factory

Advantages of our natural rattan products

Natural Rattan Material From Indonesia

The rattan grown in Indonesia are very plump, well-proportioned, and strong. They are firm, tough, poor in thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer, and suitable for weaving cane webbing rolls.

Mature Rattan Webbing Weaving Process

Our workers have more than ten years of rattan weaving experience and coupled with the assistance of modern machines, our products have a better performance.

rattan webbing roll inspection-yeeyahome

Strict Quality Inspection

We will carefully inspect and repair the uneven color of the rattan, size deviation, and breakage that may occur during the weaving process.

Firm Packaging

We will pack the rattan cane rolls professionally to prevent them from deforming and moldy during transportation.