Bamboo Cane Webbing

Bamboo webbing is a material made of natural bamboo that is hand-woven. It has the characteristics of toughness, environmental protection, and beauty. It can be widely used in bamboo ceiling, furniture, and home decoration, adding a natural and elegant atmosphere to your living space.



  • Made from high-quality bamboo materials

Our products are made from high-quality bamboo materials. Bamboo grows in a pollution-free environment and is naturally environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that can be recycled, which has good ecological benefits.

  • Hand-woven

Our products are fully hand-woven. The weaving techniques are exquisite, and the products are exquisite and delicate, with unique artistic value. Hand weaving requires skilled weaving skills and patience to weave beautiful bamboo slat weaving webbing products.

  • Various uses

Our bamboo webbings have a variety of uses, which can be used to make furniture, decorations, and crafts. Bamboo slat weaving furniture is sturdy, durable, and elegant, an ideal home decoration choice. Bamboo slat weaving decorations can add a natural and refreshing atmosphere to the home.

  • Various weaving patterns

Our products have a variety of weaving patterns, including classic hexagonal flowers, checkerboard patterns, stripes, etc., and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

We always adhere to the principle of “quality first, customer first” and are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. Our products are sold well at home and abroad and are deeply loved by customers.

Affordable Price

We directly purchase bamboo from the original place of production, and adopt batch production to ensure the affordable price of the product. At the same time, we offer a variety of promotional activities to bring you more benefits.

Thoughtful Service

We have a professional after-sales service team to provide you with timely and thoughtful service. If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us at any time, and we will do our best to solve them for you.


  • Natural and Environmentally Friendly: Bamboo is a natural material with good moisture absorption and breathability, which is harmless to the human body.
  • Strong and Durable: Bamboo has good toughness and strength, which can withstand a large weight.
  • Beautiful and Diverse: Bamboo weaving net can be woven into a variety of patterns to meet your personalized needs.


  • Ceiling: Bamboo webbing can be used for ceiling decoration to create a natural and elegant space atmosphere.
  • Furniture: Bamboo webbing can be used for furniture making to create unique bamboo furniture.
  • Home decoration: Bamboo webbing can be used for wall, floor, etc. decoration to add natural atmosphere to your living space.

Customization Service

We can customize weaving according to customers’ specific needs, including weaving patterns, sizes, and colors.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

Here are some of the bamboo slat weaving patterns we commonly use:

  • Hexagonal flowers: Hexagonal flowers are the most common pattern in bamboo slat weaving, with a simple and elegant style.
  • Checkerboard patterns: Checkerboard patterns are classic patterns with a stylish and simple style.
  • Stripes: Stripes are a simple pattern with a bright and lively style.

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