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Rattan webbing

Our cane webbing rolls are renowned for high quality. Below are the three categories according to the weaving style.

Cane webbing rolls

Open Weave

Octagon Hole Open Weave Cane Webbing Roll | YeeyaHome
Radio Weave
Radio Weave Cane Webbing | YeeyaHome
Closed Weave
Closed Twilled Rattan Core Webbing

Spline and Rope

Rattan Cane Rolls | YeeyaHome
Chair Cane
Cane Rolls for Chairs | YeeyaHome

Grass Rope

Seagrass Rope | YeeyaHome

Paper Cord

3-ply Twisted Paper Rope | YeeyaHome

Baskets and Hampers

Wicker Baskets in Bulk | YeeyaHome

Picnic Baskets

Insulated Wicker Picnic Basket | YeeyaHome

Wicker Hampers

Wicker Hamper With Lid | YeeyaHome

Raffia Fabric

Raffia Fabric Rolls - YeeyaHome

Synthetic Rattan

Synthetic Rattan | YeeyaHome

Straw Bags

Straw Bag | YeeyaHome

Wicker Caskets

Wicker Caskets | YeeyaHome