YeeyaHome is a professional rattan supplier for global customers. The following Rattan Cane Webbing Rolls are mainly woven from high-quality natural rattan shell (also called rattan cane), which brings together various weaving types, sizes, and colors that can be divided into natural and semi-bleached. They have an excellent performance in interior design and decoration.

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Why Our Natural Rattan Rolls Win Customer’s Trust

Natural Rattan Material From Indonesia

The rattan grown in Indonesia are very plump, well-proportioned, and strong. They are firm, tough, poor in thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer, and suitable for weaving cane webbing rolls.

Raw Material For Rattan Cane Webbing Roll - YeeyaHome

Mature Rattan Webbing Weaving Process

Our workers have more than ten years of rattan weaving experience and coupled with the assistance of modern machines, our products have a better performance.

Weaving Rattan Cane Webbing Roll - YeeyaHome

Strict Quality Inspection

We will carefully inspect and repair the uneven color of the rattan, size deviation and breakage that may occur during the weaving process.

Rattan Cane Webbing Roll Checking - YeeyaHome

Firm Packaging

We will pack the rattan cane rolls professionally to prevent them from deforming and moldy during transportation.

Rattan Cane Webbing Rolls Package - YeeyaHome